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Oliver Kniest

Born: 26 Sep 1966 in Germany
living in Cologne, GER since 2000

I never felt a really close connection to photography all my life. So this can be called a late found passion. Gratefully "still and forever" close internet-friend Monika, finally talked me into buying a camera and giving it a try. I bought my first camera in 2006. The composition of my pictures is strongly influenced by my favorite childhood literature: comics! A love for strong colors and harsh contrasts defines the style of all my pictures. The pictures I take don't ask for a deaper meaning... they just want to please. At least that's what I am trying to accomplish...

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Leon Cool Photography

about an offer I couldn't resist

Freitag, 07.08.2009 18:09:04h

I did it!!!
Sold my good "old" Canon 40D including wide angle lens 10-22 EF-S and bought a full format camera: the legendary Canon 1Ds Mk III

Not that I expect to make better pictures with it, but at least the technical quality is way better.
One little disadvantage is included unfortunately... by switching to full format, my actual lenses don't allow me to shoot in the extreme wide angle area anymore. But already plans are made to buy a new wide angle lens for this camera as well, though this might be possible earliest end of September.
So far I have to be okay with the equipment I own now... and you can BET I am ;) 


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feedback lottery contest - we have a WINNER

Samstag, 20.06.2009 14:17:36h

and the winner is......
congratulations pal... will get in contact with you to get your address and send the winning picture then ASAP

now about the result of your choice

15 people gave their vote (some only voting a favourite, not a non-favourite)

it is quite hard to say which image you favourize as almost everyone picked another one as favourite... to me i think this is a great result, as it shows how even my pictures are judged from you, the viewers
the only picture been chosen twice as favourite is "killing joke"

the choice of your non-favourite picture is more clear, and I already discussed with some of you. "californication" got 3 choices as "crappiest" picture.
Though everyone says it is good, also everyone says it just doesn't fit really to the other pictures, almost like it is not a typical picture with my style...

okay... what's left is saying MANY, MANY THANKS TO ALL PARTICIPANTS
this has been real interesting to me knowing YOUR opinion, seeing pictures a little through your eyes and hope you enjoyed a little as well 

keep on watching... there is still space for more pictures to upload here for me, and some will get exchanged in time. Though (as you maybe have read in blog "probs") it will slow down a little with new uploads actually 





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probs - 1st update

Samstag, 20.06.2009 13:57:10h

seems the dealer does not see the juridical things on my side, as I do, my lawyer does and consumer production central does.
It will be discussed internally if my iMac will be exchanged or is free to be only repaired (once again)...

Already involved my lawyer in this. Let's simply hope everything will work out fine 

more updates to come.... 


None so far.
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Freitag, 19.06.2009 08:37:29h

Actually I'm having problems with my iMac. Though it is running fine from a technical point of view, I have (again) problems with my display. As it is the third time this problem comes up, I will now exchange the Mac at the dealer and hopefully get a new and proper one.

This is all causing me to get even more delayed in artwork of prior shoots as I already am.
Though I bought a little MacBook to compensate this delay a little, you really cannot compare working on a 13" display to working on a 24" display.
But quality is important in my pictures so I only can ask for patience, especially the models waiting for further pictures of their shoots with me.

...will keep you updated


22.07.2009 22:29:52
Hi Oliver - A tip from my weekend party - the i-mac screens are often mounted by strong magnets, it may be possible to remove and clean it. Kind regards, Ralf
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feedback lottery contest - FINISHED

Sonntag, 24.05.2009 22:27:48h

Hi folks,

as I am very curious to know which picture you like most and which one least, I planned to start a contest.

So please tell me your FAVOURITE picture of my gallery, AND which one you think is the "CRAPPIEST" and leave it as a comment to this blog entry
On June, 20th I will check and and pick coincidentally (!) one of the participants of the "voting" as the winner.

The winner will be notfied then on June, 21st to get a FREE print of his personal favourite in size A3 (42 x 29.7 cm) with signature.

...and NOW, let the game begin!!!!




24.05.2009 23:00:55
auch wenns bei deinen bildern wirklich schwer fällt sich zu entscheiden... ich würd sagen Baroque is mein fav
25.05.2009 15:40:51
Das, was mir zuerst einfiel findet sich garnicht mehr in deiner Galerie: Die blonde im pinken Flur mit dem Blauen Kleid und der Alice-Katze. Das war das erste, was mir bei deinen Sachen wirklich total gefallen hat. Ebenfalls ist "living on the ceiling" ein sehr beeindruckendes Bild!
Mit "californication" kann ich überhaupt nichts anfangen. Ich finde, dass deine Bilder im Vergleich viel liebevoller gestaltet sind.
Vom gewinnspiel möchte ich mich gern enthalten ;)
Lux Profundi
28.05.2009 00:04:49
"floating out to wonderland" sagt mir jetzt nicht so zu... und bei den Guten... *damn* da fällt die Entscheidung sehr schwer... Aber ich sag jetzt hier mal "black rose bleeding" Das hat so was reduziert cooles...

Greetz, Lux
Ruhrpott Poser(-in)
29.05.2009 09:07:45
Alles durchgeklickt und dennoch eins der ersten als meinen Liebling befunden.
JELLY FISH is bombe.

die Poserbraut
29.05.2009 09:08:38
Hey Oli,
ich vote für LIL'RED RIDIN'HOOD

06.06.2009 12:05:37
beste in meinen augen: perfect smoke
schlechteste: invasion

08.06.2009 10:47:30
kann mich nicht entscheiiiiden:)
entweder shooter oder coastal, die sind beide hammer.
mh...ich entscheid mich für coastal.

invasion gefällt mir glaub am wenigsten.

10.06.2009 08:53:39
ähm *räusper* Oli, muss ich nochmal mitmachen, hatte es doch schon per Mail geshickt.
Ich bin für Jellyfish!!

Für Pino Lil' Red Ridin' Hood

Grüße mit Küsschen und Drückerchen
11.06.2009 13:11:33
mein absoluter Favourite von dir ist
*trommelwirbel* ;-)


schlechtestes (wobei man das ja wohl nicht sagen kann weil das alles subjetiv ist):
living on the ceiling...

18.06.2009 00:45:40
a killing joke find ich meeeega geil!!

californication eher nicht..hmm.. ist gar nicht so einfach eins richtig scheisse zu finden. :-)
19.06.2009 08:58:24
also mein lieber. es ist quasi unmöglich einen favoriten rauszusuchen bei dir und wirklich schlecht ist auch keins.

aber wegen meiner liebe zu tapeten nehme ich "floating out the wonderful"

und als "crappiest" nehme ich coastal. ist mir ein ticken zu gefällig, zu glatt.

ganz liebe gruesse

19.06.2009 13:33:55
a killing joke *gg*
aber entscheiden is wirklich mies ... würde gerne alle angeben; aber das wäre wohl nicht der sinn des spiels
19.06.2009 13:42:23
hey OKn photography,
my favourite one is the "perfect suicide".the one i really don`t like is "brunchtime"

greetz from hannover,nico :)
19.06.2009 14:37:42
FAVOURITE : who cares?

"CRAPPIEST" : circus

Ich hätte "Lil' red ridin'hood " als Favorit genommen, aber der BH geht garnicht.
Michael Scharrer
19.06.2009 16:44:26
Hallo Olli, so liest man sich mal wieder. Habe gerade bei deinem Gewinnspiel mitgespielt.

Also ich finde das

I´m only happy, when it´s raining am schönsten.

Würde mich sehr freuen, dich mal wieder zu sehen.

Lg Micha
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