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Oliver Kniest

Born: 26 Sep 1966 in Germany
living in Cologne, GER since 2000

I never felt a really close connection to photography all my life. So this can be called a late found passion. Gratefully "still and forever" close internet-friend Monika, finally talked me into buying a camera and giving it a try. I bought my first camera in 2006. The composition of my pictures is strongly influenced by my favorite childhood literature: comics! A love for strong colors and harsh contrasts defines the style of all my pictures. The pictures I take don't ask for a deaper meaning... they just want to please. At least that's what I am trying to accomplish...

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probs - 3rd update

Montag, 16.11.2009 19:49:47h

...well, finally it seems the lawsuit is coming to an end soon (not yet, but soon).
The judge is obviously absolutely on my side, BUT I now have to prove the problem was already existing when I bought the iMac.

Now I am wondering how to prove something which is occurring little by little, step by step, not visible in the beginning but coming after being in use... we will see

will keep you updated when this is finished then.


P.S.: due to all this bullshit with my iMac I have an enormous delay in finishing the artwork of this years shoots. So I decided to take a break from shoots till around spring. First I wanna finish all the pictures which are waiting for artwork, then I will continue 


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probs - 2nd update

Freitag, 07.08.2009 18:14:59h

...well. unfortunately not much to say here. The dealer didn't agree to exchange my iMac, claiming the problems were caused by my own fault (smoking a lot in front of the computer etc.). Though this is pretty ridiculous, a lawsuit is starting soon.

Some own investigation on the internet showed my problem is well known. Seems to be a constructional fault in the new series of the iMac. But at least this is not generally with EVERY iMac of the actual series.

I simply don't understand that a producer of such high end computers is not really interested in taking such computers from the market.
Well, I guess it is more the dealer then Apple itself.

Let's wait and see... keep you updated 


22.08.2009 11:56:02
Good luck, mate - kick 'em...!
And keep us updated on this one.

Creamy weekend!
13.10.2009 16:55:13
Tolle Gallery, coole Bilder !!!
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about an offer I couldn't resist

Freitag, 07.08.2009 18:09:04h

I did it!!!
Sold my good "old" Canon 40D including wide angle lens 10-22 EF-S and bought a full format camera: the legendary Canon 1Ds Mk III

Not that I expect to make better pictures with it, but at least the technical quality is way better.
One little disadvantage is included unfortunately... by switching to full format, my actual lenses don't allow me to shoot in the extreme wide angle area anymore. But already plans are made to buy a new wide angle lens for this camera as well, though this might be possible earliest end of September.
So far I have to be okay with the equipment I own now... and you can BET I am ;) 


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feedback lottery contest - we have a WINNER

Samstag, 20.06.2009 14:17:36h

and the winner is......
congratulations pal... will get in contact with you to get your address and send the winning picture then ASAP

now about the result of your choice

15 people gave their vote (some only voting a favourite, not a non-favourite)

it is quite hard to say which image you favourize as almost everyone picked another one as favourite... to me i think this is a great result, as it shows how even my pictures are judged from you, the viewers
the only picture been chosen twice as favourite is "killing joke"

the choice of your non-favourite picture is more clear, and I already discussed with some of you. "californication" got 3 choices as "crappiest" picture.
Though everyone says it is good, also everyone says it just doesn't fit really to the other pictures, almost like it is not a typical picture with my style...

okay... what's left is saying MANY, MANY THANKS TO ALL PARTICIPANTS
this has been real interesting to me knowing YOUR opinion, seeing pictures a little through your eyes and hope you enjoyed a little as well 

keep on watching... there is still space for more pictures to upload here for me, and some will get exchanged in time. Though (as you maybe have read in blog "probs") it will slow down a little with new uploads actually 





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probs - 1st update

Samstag, 20.06.2009 13:57:10h

seems the dealer does not see the juridical things on my side, as I do, my lawyer does and consumer production central does.
It will be discussed internally if my iMac will be exchanged or is free to be only repaired (once again)...

Already involved my lawyer in this. Let's simply hope everything will work out fine 

more updates to come.... 


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