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Oliver Kniest

Born: 26 Sep 1966 in Germany
living in Cologne, GER since 2000

I never felt a really close connection to photography all my life. So this can be called a late found passion. Gratefully "still and forever" close internet-friend Monika, finally talked me into buying a camera and giving it a try. I bought my first camera in 2006. The composition of my pictures is strongly influenced by my favorite childhood literature: comics! A love for strong colors and harsh contrasts defines the style of all my pictures. The pictures I take don't ask for a deaper meaning... they just want to please. At least that's what I am trying to accomplish...

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Exhibition at GrossmARkT Galerie - revisited

Samstag, 15.10.2011 13:49:30h

yesterday the exhibition officially started with a vernissage and I simply wanted to say a big, big thanks to everyone who appeared
Special thanks to Armin, Thomas and everyone else at GrossmARkT Galerie for giving me the chance to show my pictures, being such a great help and support yesterday 
further extra thanks to Beate and my Dad helping me with the "logistics", Heinz for helping out in a case of "frame emegency"

...and of course to EVERYONE else being so enthusiastic and kind and having such charming words (and for the little cookie from Sabrina)


you can see some impressions of yesterday's vernissage here:

  • Pictures from Kai and Josch
  • Pictures from Thomas Buchta
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    Exhibition at GrossmARkT Galerie

    Montag, 03.10.2011 00:18:02h

    Hi Folks,

    has been some days, weeks, and months since my last entry. I have done a LOT of shoots this year, still going on (till November) and there are lots of pictures still waiting to be worked. I will have a lot to do during my "winter break", so stay curious... 

    but the original reason for this entry as you can read in the header is another exhibtion with some of my pictures. I will show them in an art gallery in Krefeld (GrossmARkT Galerie, Oppumer Strasse 175, 47799 Krefeld, Germany), beginning at October, 14th , ending November, 11th. 
    We start the exhibition with a vernissage at 20:00 on 14th this months...

    so feel free to come

    see also the event at facebook:
    Ausstellung OKn-Photography

    many thanks for supporting me so much to Thomas Buchta and for giving me the chance to show my pictures to the GrossmARkT Galerie

    P.S.: some new pictures will be uploaded here soon as well, when I "clean up" here a little


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    some updates

    Mittwoch, 18.05.2011 17:49:53h

    hi there everybody,

    first of all I wanted to let you know, that I re-organised my gallery. Deleted some older pictures and uploaded some new ones. The publication gallery shows some new actual stuff as well.

    Coming weekend I will travel for a shoot to London. Will work together there with Ava from Corsetorium and we are going to shoot 2-3 models.
    So stay curious ;)
    At least some of the results will be shown here in time 


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    Exhibition at Artfaktors Tattoo Studio

    Dienstag, 22.03.2011 19:08:49h

    Hi folks,

    just to let you know:
    Tomorrow will start an exhibition of 25 of my pictures at Artfaktors Tattoo Studio in Essen, GER

    The pictures are very well chosen favourites of my shots with different tattoo girls like (addicted to) Jenny GER, Aileen Falk GER, Carlin GER, Celleste d'Acid GER, Drastique GER, Emily van Houten AUT, GruselWusel GER, Honeyphox BRA, Katy Gold NED, Lexy Hell AUT, Maureen van Mortis AUT,  Miss Ivi SWI, Nika GER, TrashBarbie GER, Luna GER, Mick GER & FotoFIXe.rin GER,  Viktoria Sweetheart GER

    The exhibtion is starting on March, 23rd at 13:00 CET and going on till July, 1st at 16:00 CET

    Come have a look at

    Artfaktors Tattoo Studio
    Kleine Kronensstr. 1
    Essen, GER

    see more information here:

  • Artfaktors Tattoo Studio Exhibition


    ...and I hope you will enjoy 


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    Samstag, 19.02.2011 14:36:07h

    it's been a while since my last entry here, so I guess it's time for an update and some news.
    I have been pretty busy lately though I took a little "photographic break" till end of January. 
    Shoots are already scheduled this year till June and there are awesome models to come and get shot by me... some you already know, but also a lot never been in front of my cam.
    ...and I have requests for collaboration by some VERY cool designers... so be and stay curious

    Just uploaded three new pictures from this years shoots so far and I hope you like it. Go have a look and as you know, feedback and critics are always welcome!!!


    Sandra Freibeuter
    20.02.2011 19:16:19

    schön, dass Du wieder fotografierst. Hab eben gedacht, ich schau mal, was der liebe Oli macht. Und siehe da - Dank google stolpere ich über Deine Webseite und wie ich sehe vollbringst Du immer noch die schönsten Kunstwerke.

    Ich hoffe, Dir geht's gut.

    Hab jetzt auch ne Cam und fange an, meiner Leidenschaft auch hinter der Kamera nachzugehen.

    Viele, liebe Grüße nach Köln,

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