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Oliver Kniest

Born: 26 Sep 1966 in Germany
living in Cologne, GER since 2000

I never felt a really close connection to photography all my life. So this can be called a late found passion. Gratefully "still and forever" close internet-friend Monika, finally talked me into buying a camera and giving it a try. I bought my first camera in 2006. The composition of my pictures is strongly influenced by my favorite childhood literature: comics! A love for strong colors and harsh contrasts defines the style of all my pictures. The pictures I take don't ask for a deaper meaning... they just want to please. At least that's what I am trying to accomplish...

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I'm a bitch :D

Mittwoch, 14.05.2014 17:42:34h

okay... just noticed again how much time has passed since my last entry in the blog. Obviously I am not very good at this, keeping you up to date, reporting about my life.
I would promise it will get better, but I know myself too good ;)


so at least I can tell you something by now.
I will be travelling to Mallorca with close friends (Dana & Martin Höhne) and we will do some shoots there. A little bit fashion, a little bit nude - but always MY STYLE of course.
As models I have a good buddy from Cologne (Jenny), which I shot three times already, and Cindy (Plastique InVeins) from Berlin for one day. 
Today I received a request if I would be interested in having some of my pictures published in an erotic art magazine
well, this needs to be clarified still

when I am back, I will proceed with 2 pictures/sets for my project.
one with 8 models showing a fairy tale based interpretation and another one with only one model showing some ethic-religious background - always (of course) in the well known provoking way ;)


stay tuned


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temporarily finished

Samstag, 02.11.2013 18:34:38h

the "under construction" phase is temporarily finished.
In the end I have to confess the update of my galery is not THAT big of a change.... there are some all-time favorites which seem to be staying forever in my gallery.

though I have some more extraordinary pictures done for my project, they are not meant to be uploaded before the exhibition I plan somewhere and somewhen in the future.
I want to present them there exclusively 


13.04.2014 04:49:31
Yeah and that exhibition will be an exclusive OKn killer one!!! I will be there 4 sure and my rapefull eyes will be blinded by realizing his colourefull shots of mayhemic sin & erotic grace.....
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under construction

Mittwoch, 23.10.2013 18:31:58h

actually I am working on a new election of the pictures in my gallery.... coming soon


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news to my selfmade project

Donnerstag, 09.08.2012 15:49:44h

as told before I actually do a longterm photo project (supposed to take till about end of 2013) together with my make-up artist and close friend Nastasia.
This project contains pictures with ideas and kind of storyboards. Some will be provoking, some will be kind of weird fairytale sceneries and some an mixture of it :)
The first two pictures were already done with beautiful model and actress Christiane Werk.

Actually I am in a preparation mode for the next 3-4 pictures with themes like Peter Pan, anorexia, America, Alice in Wonderland. I casted already models for each of these ideas and am now trying to oragnize accessoires and doing a research for matching locations.

Next to come will definitely Peter Pan. Nastasia found an AWESOME location for it, I could get the models I dreamed of for the idea, the date is scheduled and almost all accessoires are complete - only a few details are missing yet.
So stay curious and hope you will be as excited about the result as I am about the realization of this shoot


16.11.2012 20:30:54
Hi Oliver, finally got round to checking out your website after you mentioned it when you were in the UK a month ago. Looks very good. Definitely something else :). Great work and nice to know about your passion for photography. Keep up the good work and enjoy it!
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Exhibition at GrossmARkT Galerie - revisited

Samstag, 15.10.2011 13:49:30h

yesterday the exhibition officially started with a vernissage and I simply wanted to say a big, big thanks to everyone who appeared
Special thanks to Armin, Thomas and everyone else at GrossmARkT Galerie for giving me the chance to show my pictures, being such a great help and support yesterday 
further extra thanks to Beate and my Dad helping me with the "logistics", Heinz for helping out in a case of "frame emegency"

...and of course to EVERYONE else being so enthusiastic and kind and having such charming words (and for the little cookie from Sabrina)


you can see some impressions of yesterday's vernissage here:

  • Pictures from Kai and Josch
  • Pictures from Thomas Buchta
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