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Oliver Kniest

Born: 26 Sep 1966 in Germany
living in Cologne, GER since 2000

I never felt a really close connection to photography all my life. So this can be called a late found passion. Gratefully "still and forever" close internet-friend Monika, finally talked me into buying a camera and giving it a try. I bought my first camera in 2006. The composition of my pictures is strongly influenced by my favorite childhood literature: comics! A love for strong colors and harsh contrasts defines the style of all my pictures. The pictures I take don't ask for a deaper meaning... they just want to please. At least that's what I am trying to accomplish...

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Freitag, 07.11.2014 11:18:54h

Hello followers,

this time I ask for some of your help and action.
I am just pretty curious about a statement of you about my pictures/art/artwork/style/ideas.
feel free to write ANYTHING about my pictures in general.... if you feel like a positve comment, put it in words. if you feel like critizing my work, stay true and let me know what you think.
You can be rude or polite, nice or brutal - just be honest and true - and put it in words.

You can leave your comment either under this blog entry or you can use the contact form and send it by mail (http://okn-photography.de/links.okn)


many thanks in advance for your comment.... I hope it will help me improve


31.12.2014 14:20:03
Well it is pure and simpel Oliver ,I adore your photos .I wish I could make some like these too.
They are hard , evil , strong , and yet for me tasteful ,vibrant ,addictive to look at .LOVE IT!
I could name you some fav , but there are so many ..... THE FOUNTAIN , OOOPS, TOOTHPASTE (how do you do that?) ,GET UP & GET HIGH , ROPED UP (S)AINT !!!!! ,ZOMBIELAND !! ,POISON IVY , an many more , the colors wauw ...
Keep feeding us and inspring me .

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Montag, 15.09.2014 14:48:33h

hey dudettes and dudes,

I am freshly back from my vacation in wonderful Thailand. Met lot of lovely people, did some awesome shoots with my girlfriend Kiira de Lioncourt and of course did not forget to relax and enjoy my time "down" there :)
Now back in Germany I will continue with artwork on past shoots. There is still a LOT to do for me and simply wanted to say thanks to all the models which still wait for their pictures  - and artwork from the shoots I did in Thailand is also something on my "to do" list.

unfortunately it seems the project shoot (together with Sinah He and Manuel Pötsch) I planned to do before my vacation won't be possible to realise this year anymore because of the weather. But the three of us kept a door open in case of sunny and warm wether to do it maybe spontanously. But from a realistic point of view it more looks like we will do it next year then.

BUT coming weekend (on September 21st) another shoot for my project will take place with the models Kiira de Lioncourt, Sinah He, Reza Antagonist, Na Lie, Mia Cokane, Claudia Diamond, Juliette van Gwendetta and Anika Laufer.
All models (and the location) confirmed and it will be a lot of artwork for me to do on this idea, as I plan to do soemthing I never did before - so not only a lot but very difficult as well. If you know my work then you know it is hard to meet my own demands :D
maybe some might have a clue what theme is gonna be done, when knowing this is (again) based on a known fairy tale and I have 8 models involved (one male)

but IF it is gonna be working out as I hope and imagine, this will surely be one of my all-time-favorites of my own pictures.


stay tuned ;)


15.09.2014 15:40:13
Wie schön,d ass du zurück bist und eine tolle Zeit hattest!
Im Wetter steckt man ja leider nicht wirklich drin, umso mehr freue ich mich auf kommendes WE und unsere Märchenadaption ;)
Gut Ding will Weile haben - das wird schon alles :*
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re: WTF

Montag, 18.08.2014 13:00:32h

it seems the shoot with Sinah (model), Nadine (designer) and Manuel (body paint) is cursed somehow.
From the beginning we scheduled three different dates to realize the shoot - just to be safe from the weather side as at least ONE day should work out with fine sunny weather.

Well, in the end I have to confess I was WRONG.

First date was the best and we were already doing the shoot, when it started to get first, stormy, then rainy to finally thunder, storm and heavy rain
the second date had to be cancelled by Manuel, but again it was rainy anyways
...and the third date I had to cancel by very personal reason and (guess what) it was rainy again.

now the next week are pretty busy and there is no chance to schedule another date for the shoot till end of Septmber. And on September 21st there is another shoot scheduled already for my project (involving 8 models). But at least THIS shoot is indoor, so we are not depending on the weather.

Still I hope with a golden autumn maybe, maybe to get the shoot with Sinah, Nadine and Manuel done this year - but in worst case, it has to be re-done next year.
I am SO convinced about the idea and the team and the design and EVERYTHING around the whole realisation, that I can truly say it is one of my personally most important shoots EVER!
So you can imagine I won't give up on this idea and everyone in the team does the same.

So to all the weathergods and fate in general... be warned, because WE WILL BE BACK!


None so far.
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Dienstag, 05.08.2014 12:02:32h

short update about last Saturdays shoot with Sinah He (model), Manuel Pötsch (bodypaint), Nadine Brückner (fashion designer) and me...
F**K YOU all responsible gods of weather (Peter, Thor, whoever)!!!!
After Sinah got her make-up, body  paint and hair/wig styling, we moved to the location.

I have setup all the light and accessoires, Sinah got in pose and we started doing a short light test, when wind came up, rain, thunder and lightning - so minutes before really starting the shoot we needed to cancel and look for shelter.
You can imagine her whole styling was ruined then.
So we decided to break up the shoot for that day - and continue coming Sunday.
Hopefully this time the weather gods will be with us


05.08.2014 17:09:03
THEY WILL! All good things come in threes ;)
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project shoot ahead and following shoots

Dienstag, 29.07.2014 13:17:50h


finally it looks like coming weekend a long planned and organised idea will be realised for my photo porject. This is DEFINITELY gonna rock the wanna-do-in-about-2016 exhibition.
The picture is a collaboration between Sinah He (model), Nadine Brückner (fashion designer), Manuel Pötsch (body painter) and me as the photographer.
I know I have already mentioned this shoot before in my blog, but maybe you ccan understand I am very exited that it is now going into the final round of realisation.
the theme is religious based this time with different aspects. So we try to do two different sets.
the first one (IF it is gonna be done we have to decide short term, because we might have difficulties - but dont want to tell too much right now) is showing the role of the woman in religion in a provoking and polarizing way.

the second one is more showing (in the same provoking way) the connection of religion and war.

My goal is to combine the very conflicting themes with high fashion in as well stylish way as a provoking way

The following week then I will have a fashion shoot (not for my project) with Barbora from Slovakia and for fashion designer Black Jewel Clothing
I have mentioned this before but now we have Black Jewel Clothing on board, which really makes me happy.
We will then try to do the shoot in the woods, creating a mythic mood like in fairy tales.

Finally another shoot for my project is scheduled for mid/end of September.
This will be a interpretation of a well-known fairy tale again.
It took some time, some disappointments and a lot of nerves to get to the point I am now with the realisation, but this time it finally looks like it is gonna happen.
Well, this picture requires several models I can tell you it is ALWAYS difficult to organise such a shoot.
Cross fingers nothing is gonna get in its way

the last thing which is just in the basics of organisation is another shoot for the project.
this scenery requires 5 models, 4 are already casted and fixed for the shoot. But I am still looking for a male XXL model willing to do nude ... so if you know anyone, let me know.
Got one in mind for this, but did not ask yet.
Then I need to organise the outfits for some of the models and also the accessoires.

so much for today... stay tuned ... will keep you updated soon


None so far.
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